Thindown® - Eska Handschuhe


The thicker a glove is insulated, the warmer it is. The product development team of Thindown® succeeded in refuting this statement. Conventional down guarantees due to its air pockets between the feathers an excellent thermal output, but it requires a large amount of space.

Thindown® is a special down insulation which delivers all the natural characteristics of down feathers – just thinner. The insulation is made of a valuable and renewable resource. The used down feathers are RDS certified. This certificate guarantees that the animals are not force-fed and there is no live-plucking.

The insulation offers even in little space an excellent heat output. The glove stays dimensionally stable and you won’t lose any feathers due to the 3D construct.

Thindown® delivers compared to traditional down twice as many warmth and compared to synthetic insulations up to four times more.

Thindown® Gloves