GORE-TEX INFINIUM - Eska Handschuhe


Often a light but cold breeze can let out hands cool down and nothing feels more uncomfortable than cold hands – even if you are moving around. You can absolutely rely on GORE-TEX INFINIUMTM gloves even during stormy weather.

The special GORE-TEX Technology is 100% windproof and nevertheless highly breathable. The thin protective layer is directly integrated and prevents against wind. The breathability is never restricted, due to the numerous, tiny pores in the shell steam can escape. A dry well-being feeling is guaranteed even after a long and active day.


This technology convinces with its extraordinary fitting of the glove. Due to the 3D-construct the glove fits ideal every hand – it feels like a windproof, second skin. This technology needs 35% less material and 30% less seams to guarantee a slim wearing comfort.

Gloves with this technology