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Sniper gloves. Maximum protection.
Robust high tech materials. Highest sensitivity.
Patented tensioning device. Unlimited handling of weapons.

Hightech sniper gloves.Uncompromising protection. Since 1912.

Sniper’s gloves Safety in your sights

ESKA has put a lot of time and passion into its sniper’s gloves. We’ve put all our decades of experience into developing them. Our sights are firmly set on protection, sensitivity, accuracy and the unlimited handling of weapons. Working closely with the military, we aim to constantly develop our sniper’s gloves, and are suppliers to armed forces all over the world. Our strength is producing custom products tailored to country-specific requirements. ESKA’s protective gloves are made exclusively from high tech materials sourced in Europe. All our gloves are anatomically preformed, carefully cut and designed to be comfortable.

Feel safe behind the trigger

The tactile model TARIUS is specifically designed for snipers. These gloves are made from a special IR protective fabric, and water-repellent kid leather. The perforated trigger finger and patented tensioning device gives confidence behind the trigger. Another patented feature is the fingercap with special overstitching, which also protects the wearer, like the non-slip leather. The 100% Nomex® yarn is flame retardant and tearproof.

Strength and warmth in one

The combination of mitten and fingerless glove makes our ARKTIS sniper’s gloves the perfect companion for the armed forces. Hands stay warm and cosy in mountain areas, in winter and even in C1 climate zones. The fold-down mitten flap is fixed in place with a velcro fastener. And with the built-in, unbreakable GORE-TEX insert, the cold, wind and rain won’t stand a chance. The grip feel and weapons handling with this protective glove is absolutely first-rate. The glove also offers excellent protection for emergency personnel against short-term exposure to fire and heat. All materials are FR treated, and the glove meets the Level 4 DIN EN 407 standard for flammability. ARKTIS is made up of 160 individual parts. We use water-repellent Nomex®, non-slip leather, fire-resistant fabric and stretch Kevlar. The lining is anti-bacterial.