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Introducing VOOZ

Turn me around

Enjoy the possibility to view me from all angles. Then a glove isn´t an exanimite product at all - a glove is practical and functional „art“.

Cut me open

Get to know the single layers, which characterize me as special ski glove and accompany my owner in a warm and safe way through the cold winter.

Insert: Gore active technology
Insulation: PrimaLoft®
Futter: SK Ionix
Palm: Goat leather
Soft Stretch

Gore active technology

Drier. Longer. Waterproof and breathable. The whole system of inner lining, membrane and outer material is optimized for extreme breathability. This increases the level of comfort. More information on GORE TEX®   GORE-TEX-GORE-active


PrimaLoft® is the synthetic insulation for warmth, water resistance, softness and compressibility. Primaloft-icon

SK Ionix

Reduces body-odor greatly because of the antibacterial effect. The body-odor from perspiration is effected by corrosion from bacteria. Silver kills the bacteria which reduces the body-odor strongly. SK-Ionix-gray

Goat leather

Goat leather is extremely hard wearing yet also fine and smooth. It is furthermore water repellent and flexible. ziege-gray

High-quality soft stretch material

Get To Know Me

Now detail-loving people can take a close look at the backhand and palm, because I have nothing to hide!

Adjustable wrist belt for safe grip
Cordstopper for a better stabilisation
Rolled-over fingertips for optimum dexterity
Reinforced impact protection on the back of the hand
Additional leather- and seam reinforcement
Additional leather- and seam reinforcement
Long cuff