ESKA Triangle Shield - adult's snowboard glove with protector

TRIANGLE SHIELDAdult's snowboarding glove waterproof

Best protection for snowboarder. A waterproof insert, robust materials and a high-grated finishing characterize the Triangle Shield. Read more


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This waterproof glove suits not only because of its removable protector in the palm for snowbording. The robust palm material prevents against wear and tear, due to the sharp edges, while carryingthe snowboard. In spite of this robust materials the grip feeling is not restricted. The belt can be closed very tight and firm so you won’t lose it while snowboarding. If you don’t need the protector you can easily remove it.

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Material structure

PalmSandgripBackhandTwill, Heavy Plain (100% recycled, WP 5000mm)InsulationThermodryInsertSK SHIELDLiningTT2, SK UltraplushFeaturesreinforced fingertips, velcro strap, cordstopper, removeable and wide leash, removeable wrist protection