ESKA THUNDER 5F - glove for technical assistance with optimal fit and tactile grip

THUNDER 5FCut-resistant glove for technical assistance

Ergonomic fit, a revolutionary cut-resistant lining and a secure, firm grip make this glove a faithful companion on any technical rescue mission. Read more


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The Thunder 5F glove was specially developed for technical assistance and accident rescue. In case of cuts, stitches or abrasions, it offers the best protective properties due to the high-quality, cut-resistant materials. When it comes to working on crashed vehicles, rescuing trapped persons or securing, lifting and moving loads, the wearer’s hands are maximally protected. The antistatic outer material is flame-retardant and protects against short-term exposure to flames (flammability performance level 4 certified according to EN 407), flying sparks and small splashes of molten metal (performance level 2 certified according to EN 407). The AraTec material developed by ESKA in the palm offers maximum cut and abrasion protection against sharp objects, sharp edges and splinters. It offers excellent grip safety and also ensures the durability of the Thunder 5F. In addition, the glove is certified according to EN 407 contact heat (performance level 1). The anatomical cut of the glove is adapted to the natural posture of the hand to ensure an optimal fit. The silver reflective piping as well as the reflective logo ensure better visibility. The elastic band at the wrist serves to protect against the penetration of glass splinters and dirt into the interior of the glove. The eyelets on the side and the carabiner provided are used to attach the TH gloves to the tactical jacket.

Material structure

PalmAraTec with PU coatingBackhandAnti-static, flame-retardantLiningMeta-Aramide, Cut-resistant lining made of Kevlar®/Inox/LCP

Performance levels

EN 407:2020 Burning behaviour
Tear resistance
Puncture resistance
Cut resistance