ESKA Pax Shield - Kids snowboard glove with protector

PAX SHIELDSnowboard glove for kids

The Pax Shield is the ideal snowboard glove for kids. Not only the waterproofness but also the optimized thermal behaviour and the protector are the highlights of this glove. Read more


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This kid’s glove offers everything that’s needed while snowboarding: waterproffness, warmth and protection. Especially the bones of children are not that hard like the adult’s ones, so a wrist protector is an absolute must-have. Due to the high-quality finishing of the glove, this durable materials won’t affect the grip feeling which is needed when you close the snowboard binding. The long cuff with the cordstopper prevent against snow.

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PalmToughtech, SandgripBackhandSortinaInsulationThermodryInsertSK SHIELDLiningTT2Featuresremoveable wrist protection, reinforced fingertips, velcro strap, wide cuff, cordstopper, leash