ESKA OLYMP 5F - Textile firefighting glove with 2 strap system, knuckle protector and Crosstech insert

OLYMP 5F BeltFirefighter glove with Gore-Tex Crosstech insert

Textile firefighting glove that is ideal for indoor firefighting. High-quality materials and optimal fit characterise the glove. Read more


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The Olymp 5F textile work glove impresses with the best heat and flame resistance as well as a high degree of freedom of movement. The high-quality FR Aramid outer fabric with ProCoat silicone-carbon coating provides high abrasion and heat protection. The ergonomically designed and fire resistant knuckle protector protects against impact, shock and heat. The stretch knuckle protectors provide ideal protection against impact and shock and still offer maximum freedom of movement. The abrasion-resistant Nomex®/Kevlar® palm with PROmarble coating guarantee maximum protection and grip, even on slippery and wet surfaces. The flame-resistant cut protection lining made of Kevlar®/Inox/LCP protects the firefighter from sharp objects and sharp edges (performance level 5F). Thanks to the GORE-TEX CROSSTECH® Grip Insert, the Olymp 5F provides a secure barrier against moisture, chemicals, oil, petrol, blood and viruses – while offering maximum breathability. The insertion of the lining, the fixation of the insert and the connection with the outer shell are made according to the proven process patented by ESKA to permanently prevent unwanted pulling out of the lining. The well thought-out, width-adjustable 2-belt system enables perfect fixation over the jacket. The 2-belt solution enables ideal fixation of the glove over the jacket. All maximum mechanical and thermal values are certified both when new and after a pre-treatment of 20 washes at 60° C. The anatomical, layered 3D cut is adapted to the natural posture of the hand to guarantee the best possible fit and freedom of movement. We rely exclusively on European materials that are subject to strict quality control in Austria.

Technology & Material

Material structure

PalmNomex® / Kevlar®, PROmarble coatingBackhandAramid FR Oberstoff with Silicone/Carbon coatingInsertGORE® CROSSTECH® + Gore Grip TechnologieLiningKevlar®, Cut-resistant lining made of Kevlar®/Inox/LCP

Performance levels

Abrasion in new condition
Abrasion after 20 washes
Cut resistance in new condition
Cut resistance after 20 washes
Tear resistance in new condition
Tear resistance after 20 washes
Puncture resistance in new condition
Puncture resistance after 20 washes
Cut resistance TDM in new condition
Cut resistance TDM after 20 washes
EN 388:2016 Impact protection
EN 407:2020 Burning behaviour
Convective heat in new condition
35,4 sec.
Convective heat after 20 washes
40,9 sec.
Resistance to heat in new condition
44,7 sec.
Resistance to heat after 20 washes
41,9 sec,
Contact heat in new condition
16,9 sec.
Contact heat after 20 washes
16,4 sec.
Glove heat shrinkage
Dexterity in new condition
Dexterity after 20 washes
ISO 15383 Water resistance