ESKA Duran Shield - glove with protector made for snowboarding

DURAN SHIELDAdults snowboard glove

Protection agaist moisture, protection against wind and protection against injuries thats why the Duran Shield is the first choice for snwoboarding. Read more


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The Duran Shield is the perfect for adults who are looking for a glove with a wrist protector. The waterproof glove offers not only protection againgt wirst injuries but also against wind ann weather. The hands stay dry even during contact with snow. Especially the tear resistant shell and palm material make this glove long lasting and robust. The long and wide cuff can be worn and fixed above the skijacket. The protector is removable.

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PalmSandgrip, ToughtechBackhandSortinaInsulationThermodryInsertSK SHIELDLiningTT2Featureswide cuff, cordstopper, leash, removeable wrist protection, reinforced fingertips, velcro strap