ESKA Denver - sturdy men's peccary leather glove

DENVER CASHMEREMen Peccary leather glove cashmere lining

The men’s glove model Denver is a real specialty thanks to the robust Peccary leather. The leather glove is provided with three sporty hand seams. Lined is the men’s glove with fine, very warm cashmere wool. Read more


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The Denver men’s glove made of durable peccary leather is not only visually an absolute highlight. The particularly robust leather of the wild boar makes the leather glove for men robust, while the three hand seams give a sporty visual impression. The lining of the ESKA men’s glove is made of cashmere wool, which is known for its soft character when worn and its warming function.

Material structure

PalmPeccary leatherBackhandPeccary leatherLiningCashmereSeam typeHand seam