ESKA Bebe - plain babies' mitten in various colours

BEBEBabie's Ski/Wintermitten

Small babies‘ hands need to be optimally protected. It’s is very easy with the Bebe babies‘ mitten. This glove is also available in size 0 for newborn kids. Read more


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By opening the velrco the babies‘ mitten Bebe can be opend completely, whereby the slipping in becomes super easy. The warm and dimensionally stable SK Isodry insulation keeps the hands warm. With the velcro the glove is firmly closed o the wrist. Due to the leash, the glove can losely hang on the wrist and never gets lost.

Technology & Material

Material structure

PalmSupersoft StretchBackhandSupersoft Stretch (100% recycled, WP 3000mm)InsulationSK ISODRYLiningTT2Featuresleash, velcro strap