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Maximum protection. Cut-resistant gloves.
Revolutionary cut-resistance. On a top level.
High-performance protection against cuts. And sharp edges.

Cut-resistant gloves.Uncompromising protection. Since 1912.

Cut-resistant glovesKeeping the emergency services safe.

From fire officers to technical rescue workers, the emergency services act selflessly and deserve the best protection for their hands. This is the main reason why making cut-resistant gloves is a supreme discipline for ESKA. For 75 years, we’ve been working closely with knitwear specialists Lukschal, and have the best solutions when it comes to the innovative development of cut-resistant gloves. From the early firefighting gloves with a simple Kevlar® lining, we have chased the quantum leap to the next level for decades. Today, our protective gloves are leading the way on the international market.

Our protective Kevlar®/Inox/LCP lining is just as revolutionary. It gives the permanently waterproof GORE-TEX textile firefighting glove JUPITER 5F not only high-performance protection against cuts and sharp edges, but also additional heat protection for the back of the hand. The cut protection level of 5F on the inside hand, and level 4 on the back of the hand, is proof of the excellent quality. This cut-resistant glove maintains its outstanding performance even after 20 wash cycles at 60 °C. At ESKA we know about durability!

Hands-on, in safetyWithout compromises

Quality protective gloves are also absolutely essential for technical aid work and emergency rescue operations. At ESKA, we accept no compromises. With FLASH PRO GTX and FLASH, the cut protection barrier starts with the outer material, RecutTM Fire, and continues on the inside of the hand, with the special protective lining. The technical rescue model FORCE 1 achieves a cut resistance of 4 on the EN 388:2016 performance scale. Our cut-proof gloves offer reliable protection against sharp objects, splinters and glass, making the jobs of emergency workers safer and easier even in extreme situations!