Handwash - Eska Handschuhe

Uncompromising protection

ESKA gloves offer uncompromising protection under extreme conditions. This comes from the use of high-quality, strictly tested European raw materials and over 108 years of know-how. To guarantee a long service life, proper handling and care are of great importance.

Proper care

All ESKA gloves provide information about correct washing by means of the labels with corresponding care pictograms. If the gloves show slight soiling or stains, these can be treated with a mild care product. Gloves with leather trim should be cleaned by hand, otherwise the hydrophobic (water-repellent) protective layer could be damaged. If the glove does not contain leather, it can be hand washed (machine washed) at 30 °C.

Wash preparation

Before machine washing, fasteners, especially Velcro fasteners, should be closed neatly and snap hooks removed.

30 °C hand wash (machine wash)

Use phosphate-free mild detergent without fabric softener, optical brightener, stain remover and without bleach. Otherwise, fading, fibre damage or damage to the coating may occur. Gloves with membrane must not be spun.


Wash the gloves with lukewarm water.

Linen drying

After the washing process, the insert gloves can be brought into shape by slipping them on when wet. Then hang the gloves up with the fingers facing upwards or allow them to air dry on a device designed for this purpose. Avoid heat sources such as radiators and ovens, as these can damage the materials. After drying, the gloves with leather trim can still be impregnated.