30 Degrees washing - Eska Handschuhe

Proper glove care forms part of hygiene measures.Uncompromising protection

ESKA tactical gloves offer uncompromising protection in extreme conditions thanks to the use of high quality, strictly tested European raw materials and more than 108 years of expertise. The correct use and care of the gloves will ensure they are guaranteed a long life.

Proper care

All ESKA protective gloves provide information on how to wash them correctly in the form of care symbols on the labels. In a gentle wash programme, tactical gloves can be washed at 40 °C, 30 °C or by hand. Protective gloves for firefighters must be washed separately to prevent foreign materials from attaching to their surface. To avoid cross-contamination, for example between work clothes and sports clothes, protective gloves must always be washed separately.

Wash preparation

Before machine washing, remove snap hooks and fully close all the fasteners, in particular hook-and-loop fasteners. Failure to do so may lead to abrasion and damage to other fabrics in the washing machine.

Suitable detergent

Use phosphate-free mild detergent without fabric softener, optical brightener, stain remover and without bleach. Failure to do so may result in bleaching, fibre damage or damage to the coating. Gloves with membrane must not be spun, or may only be spun gently for a short period of time.

Air drying

After washing, return the tactical gloves to their original shape by putting them on when they are still wet. Afterwards hang gloves by the fingers or leave them to air-dry on equipment designed for this purpose. Avoid heat sources such as radiators or ovens as these may damage the materials.


All textile firefighting gloves can be dried in a tumble dryer. Leather firefighting gloves should only be hung up and allowed to air dry slowly.