ISPO 2016 – erfolgreich & innovativ.

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Over 80.000 professional visitors from more than 120 countries visited the ISPO MUNICH 2016 from January 24th until January 27th - which is the only international multi-segment exhibition for the sports business. With our glove making / glove sewing we haven´t only proved our competence to all visitors, but also that it´s still possible to manage a glove production in Austria. Our senior boss, glove-maker Paul Loos, 74 years old, was at the exhibition and made real glove-making masterpieces!

Every year 100 years' experience, our innovative spirit and passion flow into our new collections to achieve the "warmest" result for you and all our clients and visitors were really inspired when they saw them at our booth.

Thank you for all your visits and thumbs up for you! SEE YOU NEXT YEAR AT ISPO 2017! 😉

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