About us

We are a team which, on the one hand, actively develops new products in our internal sewing room and, on the other hand, realizes customer ideas right down to the finest detail.

Meet the team
Bound by tradition, dedicated to the future,...
... committed to customers.

Our philosophy

We don´t orient ourselves according to standards. We set them.
Complete concentration on the product gloves, has provided ESKA with a market leader position in respect of quality. We use this position to set new sustainable quality standards. Worldwide!

ESKA® offers durable products that customers can rely on at any time or place, without compromise – whether at work, for sport or as a fashion accessory. Through its consistent specialization in gloves, ESKA® combines the highest standards of quality with pioneering innovations. Numerous awards, patents and ISO certifications demonstrate the outstanding quality and safety offered by the products. Thanks to its years of experience and the resultant glove-making craftsmanship, ESKA® produces award-winning products for the global market – engineered in Austria and always tailored to customers’ specific needs.

Our vision

„We are producing gloves, that´s our recipe for success. We have always done something, in which we have an idea of. This differs us from some competition.“
(Paul Loos, Junior CEO)

Our history

When passion meets dexterity, it has to be ESKA®. The name has represented innovative craftsmanship for more than 100 years. Over the decades, what started as a family business in 1912 has become a world leading glove brand.

Our Team

  • Paul Loos jun.

    General Director

  • Paul Loos sen.

    General Director

  • Heidi Pürstinger

    Authorized representative

  • Ludwig Stummer

    Authorized representative / Purchase

  • Regina Loos

    Development & Design

  • Raimund Sekyra

    Sales Professional

  • Carina Hochmeier

    Design & Marketing

  • Sophie Brunner

    Design & Marketing

  • Asra Basagic

    Team leader / Back Office

  • Marija Pesic

    Sales back office

  • Jana Ramsebner

    Sales back office

  • Kathrin Mitter

    Sales back office

  • Marco Loos

    Sales back office

  • Nadine Gabbauer

    Sales back office

  • Michelle Weber

    Operations Manager

  • Melisa Družanović

    Product Management

  • Sabine Reisinger

    Import & Export

  • Adriana Yalcin

    Storage Management

  • Rodolphe Kruch

    Sales Professional & Sports

  • Markus Lindenbauer


Your ESKA Career

As a traditional Austrian company we are representing authenticity, dynamic glove-making craftmanship and a passion for detail. Take the opportunity now to apply for a job!
We are always looking for new talents who fit in our team. If you share our values and are up for a new challenge, apply now to be part of the ESKA team! Take a look at our current job offers or send me a speculative application.
Paul Loos jun.
Paul Loos jun.
General Director