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How to find the right glove size!ESKA Expert's tip

How warm is a glove? That depends not only on the materials used and the quality of workmanship, but also on the optimum size. If this does not fit, heat is lost and cold fingers are the unpleasant consequence. But that’s not all!


The enormous importance of the optimal glove size

When looking at our extensive and varied range, it quickly becomes clear that the perfect fit of the gloves has a positive effect in several respects. If a maximum of warmth and a pleasant wearing feeling count for the luxury and sports gloves, a good grip behavior and the ideal tactile feeling are supported for military, THL and firefighter gloves.

Quite simply with our measurement table.We promise.

Click on the button below and download the template. Print the document and place your hand on the red line, then read from the mark what size you need.

Take measurement!

– Look at the back of your hand from above and bend your fingers slightly.

– Place the tape measure in the middle of the back of your hand, above the level of the base of your thumb and below the knuckles. The measurement must be taken at the widest point!

– Now guide the tape measure once around your hand and make sure that it is not too tight and not too loose. Do NOT measure the thumb!

– Simply read off the centimeters, look at the following size tables and you have already found what you were looking for.


Tip: If your value is between two lengths, take the larger glove!


Dimensions in cm Glove size
15,5 cm 6
16,5 cm 6,5
18 cm 7
19 cm 7,5
20,5 cm 8
22 cm 8,5
23 cm 9
24,5 cm 9,5
26 cm 10
27,5 cm 10,5
28,5 cm 11
30 cm 12

The correct use of numbers and letters

Looking at the tables, we see that numbers like 7, 8, 9 and 10 correspond to the letters S, M, L and XL respectively. However, in the absence of a standard, some caution is advised when relying on the letters! The following sizes correspond to the letters:


Glove size corresponds to
6 XXS Women
6,5 XS Women
7 S Women
7,5 M Women
8 L Women / S Men
8,5 XL Women / M Men
9 2XL Women / L Men
9,5 XL Men
10 2XL Men
10,5 3XL Men
11 4XL Men
12 5XL Men

Kid's sizes

The following tables for girls and boys are intended purely as a guide with regard to values and ages. Every hand is different, especially in children.


Age Glove size
Newborn 0
0-1 years 1 J.
1-2 years 2 J.
2-3 years 3 J.
3-4 years XXS
4-6 years XS
6-8 years S
8-10 years M
10-12 years L
12-14 years XL

Made to measure - and it fits!

The surest way to the perfectly fitting glove is still the custom-made – by the way, a favorite discipline of ESKA. Each of these produced glove pairs exists in this form only once. It is your own model!