Repair service - Eska Handschuhe

Repair don’t throw away. Protect the environment.
Extended lifecycle. For more sustainability.
Our repair service. At cost price.

TRY IT, WEAR IT, (G)LOVE IT.We love gloves. Since 1912.

Extend product life cycle.For more sustainability.

Even the best leather, the most carefully sewn seams and inner linings can be affected by frequent wearing. Despite optimum quality, which characterizes our leather gloves, our products can be need of smaller or larger repairs. Cold and humid weather, for example, can take a toll on our beloved gloves. Challenging firefighting or police operations might affect even the best glove.

According to our sense of sustainability we prefer to extend our glove’s life time cycles due to our own repair service.Our schooled specialists try to process repair requests as quickly as possible. For example

  • open stitches
  • worn out linings
  • broken fasteners

can be fixed again.

So that we can make our competent assessment concerning the duration, complexity and costs of the demanded repair, we would be pleased to receive following information about the glove model: Picture of glove and damaged part and if possible the article number or the article name.