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We always focus on the specific needs of our customers and offer products for all situations in life. From the beginning of ESKA custom-made products for people with malformations of the hands or missing fingers have always been a part of our product range. These gloves are exactly made-to-measure.

People often lose fatally one or more fingers or suffer from malformations since their birth. As our hands are the most essential tools for us. Based on our years of experience we could specialize on manufacturing customized gloves. The easiest way is to measure the hand on-site. Afterwards a drawing of the hand with the exact measurements will be created. Our experienced seamstresses react to every single detail and sew the gloves stitch by stitch according to your demands.

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Custiomized motorbike glove

The protection of hands is our Top priority. Due to our own glove makers and seamstresses we are able to precisely manufacture made-to-measure gloves. We offer this service since ESKA was founded.

Paul Loos sen.Glove maker & General director

Made-to-measure gloves100% customer oriented

Not only malformations are reasons for customized gloves. A lof of times people just can’t find a proper glove which ideally fits their hands. Sometimes the fingers are too long, sometimes they are too short. Even though our gloves are in an appropriate fit but every hand is different. But we try to produce the right product for everyone, that’s why we offer made-to-measure gloves.

So why are looking for the longest time for gloves which fit, just order a customized glove. It will fit like a second skin. We offer made-to-measure for firefighting gloves and leather gloves. Send us a request for a non-binding offer. Please also mention the glove model or the type of glove to send you the correct price.

You decided to make use of a customized glove?Very good, that’s how it works:

Please press the button below and download the template. Measure every finger like the description says and write down all the measurements (in centimeter) on the template. You already found a glove model you like, please also mention this on the paper. We also need a base size to use an existing punching device. The exact length and width will be cutted by hand. If you don’t know your base size please use our size adviser.

In the end just send us the filled-out template per e-mail.